• NLP 2021-I: Slides from the NLP classes I teach for the graduate programs in analytics at FUKL.
  • Lecture notes: Some lecture notes I took when I was a math and a data science student.
  • Science posts: A list with some of my science outreach publications.

Data Science for fun

  • Analysis of my own Twitter: To celebrate having reached 1K followers on Twitter, I analyzed my own account using Data Science.
  • Chsime y Python: What happens when you apply Data Science to your best friend’s chat history?
  • Slack Reactions dashboard: MSDS Cohort #7 was a crazy one and this dashboard about their Slack conversations shows it (give it a few seconds to load, it’s running on free Dynos).
  • Travel Dashboard: I am passionate about traveling, so I created my own travel dashboard using Tableau.


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